Moscow Trip
Updated 04/06/04
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I visited Russia between August 21 and 29, 2003. In Moscow I stayed for a few days during which I experienced Moscow party time, met several acquaintances of my friend Alex, and saw several historical places and museums. Then I went to visit Protvino, which is a small town about 70 miles south of Moscow where Alex comes from. In the end of my stay I returned back to Moscow to visit the Kremlin and the mausoleum. During my short trip I didn't get chance to visit more places in Russia, although I would like to. Despite, I enjoyed what I've seen. Moscow is a great European metropolis. I loved Moscow subway system, where each station has its unique decoration and architecture. I loved Moscow museums and historical sites. I loved Russian cuisine; it's really delicious. And I enjoyed meeting local people - Russians are really friendly. If you haven't been to Russia, it should be one of your next destinations.

Red Square and the Kremlin during a rainy day

Lenin's Mausoleum is still at its place and Lenin is inside

The other side of Red Square

A detail picture of a building on Red Square

Walking around the Kremlin - Manezhnaya ploshad' with the zero kilometer mark

Beautiful cupolas of St Basil's Cathedral

A statue of Field-Marshal Zhukov

Enterance to the Alexander Garden

Ethernal Fire over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Change of the Guard

In front of Manezh shopping center

Tsar Pushka aka the cannon that was never fired

Tsar Cannon once again

Alex by Tsar Kolokol...

... Tsar Bell has never rung

A palace inside the Kremlin

The Kremlin Arsenal is now the headquarters of the Kremlin Guard

The Kremlin

One can find a lot of mushrooms in the forests surrounding Protvino

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