Bouzov - My Home
Updated 04/04/04
Bouzov - My Home
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I was born and grew up in Kozov - a small village just two miles away from Bouzov. Bouzov is famous due to one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. To give you an idea what you can expect if you come to visit me I posted a few pictures. I apologize for the quality of these scans, but I couldn't get anything better. Therefore, come to visit Bouzov and enjoy the real beauty.

A south-west view of the castle

A view of the central building from the second court

The castle's interrior

A dinning room

The castle viewed from a neighboring hill

The castle's third court with the well

Another view of the castle

A view from the east

Another eastern view of the castle

A beautiful clay stove in the castle

The second court

The largest room in the castle - the Knight's Hall

The armory

In front of Bouzov Castle

The Pillar Chamber

Another picture of the Knight's Hall

A fireplace in the Hunter's Chamber

A heraldry

Another chamber in the castle

The castle's armory once again

A guest bedroom

Bouzov Castle from above

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