Two Rams Party
Updated 06/10/03
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On April 5, 2003, we had a great Two Rams Party in Detroit. If you missed it, you made a big mistake. Well, at least have a look at a few pictures taken at the party. And next time show up!

Party Invitation

Were you invited? No? Then what are you looking at?

The Two Rams

Mario and Milos are celebrating. Who is more drunk?

Vlado and Monika

Monika, didn't I tell you to look to the camera?

Zdenka and Dan

I told you this party would be boring

Alex and Misha

- In New York we lock hair...

- In Houston we drink Vodka...

Elena and Razvan

Elena was so high that she needed some support from Alex and Misha

Sasha and Ana

Our Serbian girls on the sofa

Olin and Marky

One would say these two are from the countryside and not from Chicago


What is he thinking about? Drumming?

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