Hunting in Kozov
Updated 04/05/04
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Hunting in Kozov
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Between Christmas and New Year in 2003 I visited my parents, as every year. On Sunday, December 28, our hunters' society organized hunting for deer, big horn sheep, boar, and fox. Since almost everybody in my family is hunter (my mom excluded), we had a lot of guests.

In the morning we go hunting

Hunters encircle a part of the forest and wait for their prey

At noon we have a small break...

... everybody gets a botle of beer and a piece of sausage

In the end of the day we tag the quarry

Then we have the hunter's ceremony...

... with life music

In the evening we celebrate in a pub (my brother, my cousin and his friend)

My friend Marian and his girlfriend Barca also participated ...

... together with me and my brother Petr ...

... at my parents' house in Kozov

It was winter...

It was cold...

It was in the forest...

It was snow...

It was beautiful...

It was in December 2003...

It was in the Czech Republic

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