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Welcome to my web site!

This home page is intended to be used by my friends, my former students, and everybody else who wants to find some information about me. Please, check my What's New page for recent modifications and additions.


Research of Miloslav Bešta

Interested in me? In this section, you can find some personal information.
bulletMy Personal Info
bulletMy Resume
bulletMy Friends
bulletMy Contact Info
Interested in my research? Below are links to my research pages.
bulletMy Current Research
bulletMy Previous Research
bulletMy Publications
bulletMy Academic Genealogy

Photo Album

Teaching of Miloš Bešta

Look at my online photo album filled with pictures from my vacations, trips to nature, parties, and my family.
bulletMy trip to the US West Coast
bulletMy other albums
My former students and everybody else, who are interested in my teaching activities, are welcome to visit my courses' web pages.
bulletCSC 2110: Introduction to Data Structures and Abstraction
bulletCSC 4500: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
bulletMy Previous Teaching

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